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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) forms a rapidly advancing discipline that studies flow phenomena in science and engineering by means of computer simulation. Its basic principles are presented in a series of well-attended JMBC PhD courses: CFD 1, 2, and 3. The aim of the contact group is to exchange knowledge and experience in developing and applying CFD methods. To that end the CFD contact group organizes an annual meeting which provides a platform for discussing the latest developments as well as an opportunity for contacting CFD researchers from various areas (universities, research labs and industry). Especially, recently appointed (assistant) professors and third/fourth-year PhD students will be given the opportunity to present their research achievements and users of CFD-techniques are invited to present their applications and challenges. On 17 November 2016 a joint colloquium of the contacts groups Multiphase Flows and CFD was held at CWI Amsterdam. The theme Computational Multiphase Flows attracted about 50 participants. The 8 presentations ranged from challenges and applications to novel numerical approaches.

Contact : Dr. ir. MI Gerritsma (TUD), RWCP Verstappen (RUG)

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