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Welcome to J.M. Burgerscentrum (JMBC) Scientific education and research at international top level

The JMBC is the national research school for fluid mechanics in The Netherlands. About fifty professors with their groups with a total of 100 senior scientific staff participate in it. With the combined knowledge, skills and facilities of these research groups the JMBC offers a very stimulating, multidisciplinary environment for advanced research in fluid mechanics and for the education of talented graduate and postgraduate students. At present more than 350 PhD-students and 60 postdocs participate in the JMBC. The research activities of the research school cover not only the development of theoretical models and mathematical methods and associated numerical tools, but also a wide spectrum of experimental investigations. This website provides an overview of the activities of the JMBC.


What we do best

  • Course overview

    The new course programme is now available. The purpose of the PhD programme of the JM Burgerscentrum is the development of PhD students into independent researchers in the field of fluid mechanics.

  • Contact groups

    Within the JMBC, exchange of expertise and experience is actively taking place in a number of contact groups on certain topical areas. PhD students participating in the JM Burgerscentrum have formed their own PhD contact groups, which provide a useful meeting platform.

  • Upcoming events

    New upcoming events, PhD courses, Symposia and many more.

  • Research

    The research programme of the JMBC has been ordered in research themes and focal points. The reason for this ordering is to present a combination of projects which have coherence, either in terms of physical models or in terms of mathematical methods.



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