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Prof. Jacco Snoeijer has been awarded a Vici grant of 1.5 M€. This financial support from the funding agency NWO will enable him to perform research on the interaction of soft materials. This is a novel research line within the group Physics of Fluids at UT. During the last few years Jacco Snoeijer’s research was mainly focused on droplets and on how they stick to solid surfaces. More recently, his research interests shifted to the behaviour of soft solid materials such as polymers, rubber and hydrogels. These materials are not fluid, but they have many properties in common with fluids.

Jacco Snoeijer’s research is of a fundamental nature, although it has many potential applications, such as in the technology of 3D printing. The Vici grant spans five years, and allows him to hire 3 PhD students and a postdoc.

Jacco, on behalf of the JM Burgerscentrum: congratulations!

PS The inaugural lecture of Jacco Snoeijer at UT is scheduled for 19 April next.

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