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The Burgers Symposium is a two-days meeting of the JM Burgers Centre (JMBC), and it is the annual meeting platform for all (junior and senior) scientists of the JMBC. The programme of the Symposium is aimed to be attractive for all attendees, both junior and senior, both working on curiosity-driven and applied research projects, both numerically and theoretically oriented.

Burgers Symposium 2018

Tuesday 5 June & Wednesday 6 June 2018 | Conference Centre ‘De Werelt’ in Lunteren

The programme includes :

  • Burgers Lecture by Prof John Dabiri (Stanford, USA)
  • Evening Lecture by Prof Charles Meneveau (Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, USA)
  • A special session “100 years of Fluid Mechanics in The Netherlands”
  • Parallel sessions with approx. 80 oral presentations by junior scientists (mostly PhD students and postdocs affiliated with the Burgers Centre)
  • Session of flash pitches by PhD students in their first / second year
  • The JMBC Gallery of Fluid Motion: exposition of stunning movies and pictures of fluid-dynamical phenomena
  • Award session of prizes:
    – Charles Hoogendoorn Fluid Dynamics Award 2017 (KIVI)
    – Young Scientist Awards for the two best presentations by junior scientists
    – Gallery Award for the most attractive entry of the Art Gallery of Fluid Motion
  • Ample possibilities to meet colleagues and friends, during the coffee / tea breaks, lunches, the joint dinner, and the ‘evening session’ on the first day.

Burgers Symposium 2018 Flyer

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