Research School for Fluid Mechanics | TUD TUE UT RUG WUR UU


Session 1 – BUBBLES, PARTICLES & DROPLETS 1 (Chairman : Jo Janssen – Unilever)
Rodrigo Ezeta
Vapor bubble nucleation in turbulent boiling Taylor-Couette flow – UT-PoF | Lohse, Huisman, Sun
Saad Jahangir
X-ray computed tomography of cavitating flow in a converging-diverging nozzle – TUD-MS | Poelma
Ramon Voncken
Concentration polarization in fluidized beds with vertically immersed membranes – TUE-CPI | van Sint Annaland, Roghair
Alessandro Battistella
Meso-scale simulations of bubble nucleation – TUE-CPI | van Sint Annaland, Roghair
Ronald Remmerswaal
A ghost fluid method for the modeling of contact discontinuities in two-phase flow – RUG-CMNM | Verstappen, Veldman
Kim Alards
Directional change of tracer trajectories in rotating Rayleigh-Benard convection – TUE-WDY | Clercx
Gianmarco Venditti
Capillary filling of suspensions : impact of particle-particle interactions – TUE-MTP | Darhuber, Harting
Borge ten Hagen
Microswimmers in an evaporating droplet – UT-PoF | Lohse

Session 2 – FLUID-STRUCTURE INTERACTION (Chairman : Bert Vreman Akzo-Nobel)
Frits de Prenter
Preconditioned iterative solvers for immersed finite element methods – TUE-ET | van Brummelen, Verhoosel
Aura Visan
Catalytically driven surface flow – UT-SFI | Lammertink
Jakob Maljaars
A conservative particle-mesh projection with applications to advection dominated flows – TUD-EFM | Uijttewaal, Labeur
Simone van Lin
Interfacial water: how adsorbing ions affect the water structure at mineral-electrolyte interfaces – UT-PCF | Mugele, Siretanu
Vishak Chandra
Hydrodynamic dispersion in open-cell foams – UT-MMM | Kuipers, Peters
Pepijn van Denderen
Morphodynamic modelling of side channel development – UT-WEM | Hulscher, Schielen
Stefan Engelhard
High frame rate contrast-enhanced ultrasound particle image velocimetry in the abdominal aorta – UT-PoF | Versluis
Aswin Muralidharan
Mechanical response of cellular membranes in pulsed electric fields – TUD-TP | van Ommen, Kreutzer, Boukany

Session 3 – TURBULENCE (Chairman : Tim Peeters Tata Steel)
Rahim Rezaelha
Optimization of vertical axis wind turbines – TUE-UPWE | Blocken, Montazeri
Matteo Madonia
Heat transfer in rapidly rotating turbulent convection – TUE-WDY | Kunnen
Tiago Pestana
Linear growth of columnar eddies in rotating turbulence – TUD-AE | Hickel
Giovanni Iacobello
Complex network analysis of turbulent flows – TUE-MRF | Deen, Kuerten, Scarsoglio, Ridolfi
Joep van der Zanden
Spatial and temporal TKE distributions under bichromatic breaking waves – UT-WEM | Hulscher, Ribberink
Dominik Krug
Attached eddy hypothesis in wall-bounded shear flow – UT-PoF | Lohse, Krug
Dennis Bakhuis
Particles in turbulent Taylor-Couette flow – UT-PoF | Lohse, Huisman, Sun
Mohamed El Abbassi
CFD simulation of non-premixed combustion in rotary kilns – TUD-AM | Vuik, Lahaye

Session 4 – AERODYNAMICS & WAVES (Chairman : Vincent Fokkema VSL)
Paul Mannion
Aerodynamics of paralympic handcycling- TUE-UPWE | Blocken, Toparlar
Thijs van Druenen
Optimization of individual time trial aerodynamics – TUE-UPWE | Blocken
Luis Laguarda
Bi-directional transitions between regular and Mach reflections in asymmetric shock interactions – TUD-AE | Hickel
Wouter van Veen
Offset in rotation axis increases rotational lift production in insect wings: a numerical study – WUR-EZ | van Leeuwen, Muijres
Gal Akrish
Inhomogeneous wave statistics over shear currents – TUD-EFM | Reniers, Zijlema
Marijn Sanders
Surface pressure measurements on trailing edge serrations  for aeroacoustic noise characterization – UT-EFD | Venner, de Santana
Julian Biesheuvel
Localization algorithm for continuously distributed aeroacoustic sources – UT-EFD | Venner, de Santana
Yous van Halder
Efficient non-intrusive surrogate modeling for fluid mechanics applications – TUE-CASA | Koren, Sanderse

Session 5 – BUBBLES, PARTICLES & DROPLETS 2 (Chairman : Gerrit Hommersom Dow Benelux)
Sten Reijers
Numerical simulations of oblique droplet impact onto a deep liquid pool – UT-PoF | Lohse, Gelderblom
Jelle Will
Rising of oddly shaped particles in still water and in turbulent flow – UT-PoF | Lohse, Huisman, Sun
Duraivelan Palanisamy
Calculating Einstein viscosities for non-spherical colloids – UT-MSM | Luding, den Otter
Marcel Workamp
Macroscopic friction and flow instabilities in granular emulsions – WUR-PCC | van der Gucht, Dijksman
Anais Gauthier
Non-wetting dynamics of Leidenfrost drops on a bath : self-propulsion and capillary interactions – UT-PoF | D van der Meer, Lohse
Xiao Xue
Effects of thermally induced capillary waves on nano-ligaments fragmentation – TUE-WDY | Toschi
Yigit Akargun
Diesel engine spray flame structure using LES – TUE-MRF | Deen, Somers

Session 6 – ENVIRONMENTAL FLOWS (Chairman : Frank Visser Flowserve)
Alessio Ricci

Wind environmental conditions in the largest sea vault in the world – TUE-UPWE | Blocken
Hamid Montazeri
Adaptation to climate change in urban areas with evaporating cooling – TUE-UPWE | Blocken
Koen Berends
Efficient probabilistic computation for a high-dimensional problem : river engineering – UT-WEM | Hulscher, Warmink
Geert Campmans
Modeling tidal sand wave recovery after dredging – UT-WEM | Hulscher, Roos
Frans van Grunsven
Turbidity formation at deep sea mining operations – TUD-ME | van Rhee, Keetels
Bas Nieuwboer
Transport of large particles in a rotating dredge cutter head – TUD-ME | van Rhee, Keetels
Dave Weij
Unstable breaching of underwater slopes – TUD-ME | van Rhee, Keetels

Session 7 – BUBBLES, PARTICLES & DROPLETS 3 (Chairman : Michel Riepen ASML)
Yuk Man Lau

Measurement of interfacial tension – TUD-FM | Westerweel, van de Water
Giordano Lipari
GPU acceleration of SPH simulation – TUD-AM | Vuik
Paolo Cifani
DNS of turbulent bubbly flows for a large number of deformable bubbles – RUG-CMNM | Verstappen
Guillaume Lajoinie
High-frequency surface acoustic waves trigger acoustic droplet vaporization through resonance – UT-PoF | Versluis
Pinaki Kumar
Inter-avalanche time distribution in glassy systems – TUE-WDY | Toschi
Robin Koldewij
Impact of droplets on a supercooled plate – UT-PoF | Lohse
Maxim Masterov
Numerical simulations of bubble column using hybrid turbulence models – TUE-MMM | Kuipers, Baltussen

Session 8 – TRANSPORT & COMBUSTION (Chairman : Mark Roest Vortech)
Mengmeng Ren

Counterflow non-premixed flames for hydrothermal combustion of methanol – TUD-FM | Roekaerts
Faizan Vance
Effect of Lewis number on premixed laminar lean-limit flames stabilized on a bluff body – TUE-MRF | Deen, van Oijen
Sebastian Contreras Osorio
Experimental study on transport phenomena in 3D laminar flows – TUE-WDY | Clercx
Andres Aguirre Guzman
Rapidly rotating convection at low Prandtl number – TUE-WDY | Kunnen
Stephen Varghese
Subsurface transport in rotated source-sink flows – TUE-WDY | Clercx, Speetjens
Claas Willem Visser
Marangoni spreading of miscible liquids in the drop-drop geometry – UT-EFD | Venner, Lohse
Qierui Zhang
A Washburn-based model for oil-bleeding in grease lubrication – UT-PCF | Mugele, van den Ende

Session 9 – WETTING (Chairman : Hans Meerman Teijin Aramid)
Abheeti Goyal

Substrate wetting effects on phase separation in thin films – TUE-WDY | Toschi
Hanieh Bazyar
Pore wetting in slippery liquid-infused membranes (SLIMs) – UT-SFI | Lammertink
Christian Diddens
Evaporation of multicomponent droplets – UT-PoF | Lohse, van Brummelen (TUE)
Tim Segers
Air entrainment into a jetting piezoacoustic inkjet nozzle – UT-PoF | Lohse, van Brummelen (TUE)
Ahmed Jarray
Simulation and prediction of ink suspension wettability on cellulose-based substrate – UT-MSM | Luding, den Otter
Maziyar Jalaal
Capillary dimples near a moving contact line – UT-PoF | Snoeijer, Lohse
Liz Mensink
Wetting of polymer brushes – UT-PoF | Snoeijer, de Beer

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