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CISM-JMBC course Complex flows and complex fluids

  • The financial arrangement of support for the JMBC participants (PhD students and postdocs) of this joint CISM-JMBC course is different from the regular JMBC courses.

    For this CISM-JMBC course the JMBC participants have to pay a (reduced) registration fee of € 250 and a fee of 5 x € 30 for accommodation in the CISM guesthouse. The arrangement is such that the JMBC pays these fees (€ 250 + € 150 = € 400) for the JMBC participants (up to max. 25 participants), but not their costs for travel and meals.


    Both via the JMBC website and via the CISM secretariat. JMBC participants should contact the JMBC secretariat before proceeding with registration at CISM.

    As a limited amount of 25 participants can be sponsored (and housed at CISM): make sure that your registration is submitted soon !

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