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JMBC & the COVID virus

The JMBC has opened a discussion forum on a specific medical care problem, related to ventilation therapy of corona-infected patients in intensive care units.

The purpose of this forum is to start a discussion by fluid dynamicists about various ventilation methods in order to gain insight in the potential spread of the virus around the patient. This is essentially a fluid-dynamical problem, so input from our colleagues is very welcome!

The goal of the discussion is to formulate a recommendation of the best ventilation method and the required safety precautions to be taken.

In case you wish to join the discussion, we refer to the letter that was sent to all senior scientific staff of the JM Burgerscentrum. There you will also find instructions of how to register for the discussion forum.

The discussion will be coordinated by Rob Hagmeijer (UT), who initiated this activity.

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