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Lectures presented during the BS 2019

Plenary session by junior staff members (Chairman : Hans Kuerten – TU/e) 

Erik Horstman 

Are flow-vegetation interactions well represented by mimics ? 

Willem Haverkort 

Modeling and experiments of multiphase flow in porous flow-through electrodes for water electrolysis 

Cristóbal Bertoglio

Inverse problems in blood flows

Alessio Ricci

Simulation of urban boundary and canopy layer flows in port areas induced by different marine boundary layer inflow conditions 

Session 1 – EXPERIMENTAL TECHNIQUES (Chairman : Jo Janssen – Unilever)

Matthieu Souzy
Intermittent clogging in constricted particle suspensions

Pim Bullee
Bubbly drag reduction over rough surfaces in turbulent Taylor–Couette flow

Jesse Buijs
Fourier Transform Laser Speckle Imaging: a tool for real-time imaging of complex flows

Cees Voesenek
Bending moment patterns of swimming fish: an inverse dynamics analysis

Gunnar Jacobi
The application of particle image velocimetry for the analysis of high-speed ship hydrodynamics

Session 2 – REACTIVE AND MEDICAL APPLICATIONS (Chairman : Niels Deen – TU/e)

Thijs Hazenberg
Modeling iron powder flames

Robin Doddema
Soot precursor spectroscopy: a broad spectrum of complications

Mohamad Fathi
Scalable high-fidelity simulations of reacting multiphase flows at supercritical pressure

Chris Schoutrop
Multicomponent transport in plasmas; exploiting stoichiometry

Lennart van de Velde
Computational fluid dynamics to predict stentgraft thrombosis in peripheral artery disease

Session 3 – MICROFLUIDICS (Chairman : Hans Meerman – Teijin Aramid)

Shuaizhong Zhang
Nature- inspired removal of microparticles by ciliated surfaces

Binbin Zhang
Thin layer flow: Elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication and heterogeneous anisotropic materials topology

Jiaming Zhang
Shrinkage of microdroplets in confined and sparsely miscible media

Ye Wang
Climbing droplets driven by mechanowetting

Zhao Yan
Visco-elastic layers in elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication

Abel-John Buchner
Hydrodynamics of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii near surfaces

Mikhail Zaytsev

The dynamics of plasmonic microbubbles

Thejas Hulikal Chakrapani
Simulations of capillary imbibition of miscible binary mixtures into a nanochannel

Session 4 – ENVIRONMENTAL FLOWS (Chairman : Frank Visser – Flowserve)

Thijs van Druenen
CFD evaluation of remedial measures for pedestrian-level wind nuisance around high-rise buildings

Vera van Bergeijk
The turbulent effects of transitions on dike cover erosion

KRG Reef
The effect of stochastically simulated storm-induced breaches on the long-term morphological evolution of barrier coasts

Claudio Alanis Ruiz
CFD simulation of air curtain separation efficiency

Jessica Strickland
Benefits and optimal design of vertically staggering wind farms

Weiqui Chen
Influence of a berm and roughness on wave overtopping at dikes

Samuel González Vera
Sediment transport by vortices

Anouk Bomers
The effect of dike breaches on overland flow patterns

Session 5 – MULTIPHASE FLOW 1 (Chairman : Dirk van der Plas – Tatasteel)

Felix Milan
Multiscale Lattice Boltzmann simulations of droplet dynamics in turbulent flows

Chong Shen Ng
Light droplets in natural convection

Ricardo Arturo López de la Cruz
Microdroplet formation under evaporation triggered Ouzo effect in a confined environment

Vatsal Sanjay
Lifting an oil drop through binary oil drop impact

Sören Schenke
Predicting cavitation implosion loads from energy balances

Alessandro Battistella
Modeling of the free surface of a Euler-Lagrange gas-liquid model with Front-Tracking

Utkarsj Jain
Air-cushioning before the water-impact of a flat disk

Session 6 – HEAT TRANSFER (Chairman : Michel Versluis – UT)

Michael Timmer
Bidirectional impulse turbines for thermoacoustic engines

Keerthi Rajamani
Investigation of magnetic pumping for magnetocaloric refrigerator application

Alexander Blass
Flow organization in turbulent sheared thermal convection

Qi Wang
Observation of flow reversals in two-dimensional Rayleigh-Bénard convection up to Ra = 10^11

Jonathan Cheng
Heat transfer in rapidly rotating turbulent convection

Andrés Aguirre Guzmán
Flow regimes in turbulent rotating Rayleigh-Bénard convection at different Prandtl numbers

Xiao Xue
Effects of thermal fluctuations in settling particles in a multicomponent fluid

Session 7 – MULTIPHASE FLOW 2 (Chairman : Gerrit Hommersom – Dow Benelux)

Haiyu Wang
A vapour-liquid phase transition model based on piecewise linear interface calculation

Haryo Mirsandi
Bubble formation from an orifice in liquid cross-flow

Shuai Li
Modelling large scale airgun-bubble dynamics with highly non-spherical features

Pablo Peñas
Bubble growth enhancement through rectified diffusion and microstreaming

Yanshen Li
Controlled solvent exchange in a porous Hele-Shaw cell

Nakul Pande
The short-time current response of a hydrogen evolving nickel electrode to bubble growth

José Manuel Encarnación Escobar
Marangoni puffs and Marangoni enhanced dissolution of droplets

Session 8 – TRANSPORT (Chairman : Christiaan Poelma – TUD) 

Johan Damveld
On the modelling of the two-way coupling of tidal sand waves and benthic organisms

Sebastien Contreras
Chaotic advection in 3D cavity flows: experimental-numerical analysis

Steven Kaptein
One-dimensional models for exchange flows under strong stratification

Ruud Lensvelt
Enhanced scalar transport through controlled reorientation of flow fields

Tariq Shajahan
Sedimentation of dense suspensions of spheres in a viscous fluid

Steven Chong
Enhancement in angular momentum transport in stratified Taylor-Couette flow

Pieter Berghout
Roughness in Taylor-Couette flow

Session 9 – DROPLETS (Chairman : Stefan Hickel, TUD) 

Ruben van Gaalen
Drying droplets and surfactants: a numerical study

Maciej Chudak
Dynamics of unstable dewetting at soft solid interfaces

Bojia He
Manipulation of droplets on partially wettable surfaces by impinging gas jets

Yaxing Li
Evaporating droplets on lubricated surfaces: Suppression of coffee-stain effects

Michiel Hack
The unexpected wetting properties of water-1,2-Hexanediol solutions

Wojciech Kwiecinski
Evaporation of dilute sodium dodecyl sulfate droplets on a hydrophobic substrate

Evan Milacic
Direct Numerical Simulations of droplet spreading on spherical particles

Session 10 – MATHEMATICAL AND NUMERICAL TECHNIQUES (Chairman : Auke van der Ploeg – Marin)

Koondri Mitra
Linearization schemes in nonlinear porous flow problems

Yous van Halder
Machine learning, the future for fluid flow predictions

Harshil Patel
Computing interface curvature for Volume of Fluid (VOF) using machine learning

Xiaodong Li
Efficient adjoint approach to automatic mesh optimization for predictive Large Eddy Simulation

P. Nakate
A mathematical model for an anode baking furnace

Giorgio Besagni
Bubble column fluid dynamics: a multi-scale perspective

Jordi Casacuberta
Linear and non-linear dynamics of a micro-ramp wake

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