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Burgers Program Maryland

Burgers Program for Fluid Dynamics at the University of Maryland (USA)

Inspired by the intellectual heritage of Johannes M. Burgers, who had a second career  (1955 – 1981) at the University of Maryland after his retirement at the Technical University of Delft , the mission of the Burgers Program for Fluid Dynamics is to enhance the quality and international visibility of the research and educational programs in fluid dynamics and related areas at the University of Maryland, in partnership with the J.M. Burgerscentrum (JMBC). Fluid dynamics in this context is viewed to include a broad range of dynamics, from nanoscales to geophysical scales, in simple and complex fluids. The establishment of the Burgers Program was celebrated with an inaugural symposium at the University of Maryland in November 2004. Gijs Ooms, then Scientific Director of the JMBC, gave a lecture on the life and legacy of Burgers on that occasion. The interdisciplinary Burgers Program encompasses almost 80 faculty members spread over 22 different units in the College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences and the A. James Clark School of Engineering. For detailed information, go to

There have been numerous faculty and student exchanges between groups of the JMBC and the Burgers Program. Visitors to Maryland have come from the Technical Universities of Delft and Eindhoven, Leiden University, Twente University, and Utrecht University. Over thirty journal articles have resulted from these exchanges.  At the annual Burgers Symposium in November of each year, the Burgers Lecture has been given by JMBC faculty:  Frans Nieuwstadt, Bruno Eckhardt, Gijs Ooms, Detlef Lohse, Wim van Saarloos, Kees Vuik, Wim Briels and Henk Dijkstra as well as by several others from France, Germany and the United States. The Burgers Lecture was to be given by Jim Kok of University of Twente in the Fall of 2019 but was postponed until the Fall of 2020 at the request of the speaker.  Each spring semester the Burgers Program holds a PhD student/Post-doctoral Fellow showcase Symposium, together with fluid dynamics groups from Johns Hopkins University and George Washington University. Five or six seminars are offered each academic semester in the Fluid Dynamics Reviews series.  Beginning in 2010, the Burgers Program also began offering advanced level, week-long Research Summer Schools.  The subjects have been Topics in Turbulence (twice), Granular Flows – from Simulations to Astrophysical Applications and Data Assimilation in the Geosciences. Students from the JMBC have participated in each of these. In 2019 a Research Summer School on ‘Topics in Multiphase Flow and Thermal Transport’ was organized, while one on ‘Fire Safety Science’ was planned for 2020 (although it had to be postponed until 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic).

After serving as director of the Burgers Program for a number of years, Prof. James Wallace retired in 2019, and he was succeeded by Prof. James Duncan, who is Keystone Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, specialized in experimental and numerical studies of various fluid flows, with focus on wave phenomena.

Prof. James Duncan
University of Maryland

Burgers Program Maryland (USA)

James Duncan, Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Director, Burgers Program for Fluid Dynamics
T 301 405 5260

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