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Industrial Advisory Board

Industrial Advisory Board

It is a privilege to contribute to the Annual Report of the J.M. Burgers Centre (JMBC), the research school for fluid dynamics in The Netherlands, as the chair of the Industrial Board.

As indicated, in 2018 we took the initiative to develop several NWO proposals in the area of bubbly flow in electrolysers and industrial granular flow. The very good news is that both projects are approved. In both projects 3 different universities and different industries are collaborating in the area of developing new models hand-in-hand with experimental validation. Also worth mentioning is a project proposal in the area of electro-chemical reactors via ISPT. This project is aiming at creating new functionalities via a combination of traditional and additive manufacturing methods. A close collaboration in the areas of membrane materials, catalysis and manufacturing methods. In the modeling area we anticipate close collaboration between expertise in chemistry, flow phenomena (mass and heat) and construction materials. The Dutch part of project is mirrored in Germany with a similar budget, and institutes and industries from Germany. As can be seen from these examples, we are seeking interaction between industries, universities, and institutes, and push for projects in both existing and new business areas and on top of that interactions between disciplines like process engineering, materials, mechanical engineering, etc. We expect all these projects to kick-off late 2019 or in 2020. Looking forward to a fruitful 2020, and also looking at new initiatives.

As in 2018, also in 2019 the fast development of computational and data science and digitalisation is on the agenda. Sensors become cheaper and faster, while models can be operated ‘real time’. These developments have significant effects on workflows and interactions between fundamental sciences and process engineering tools. Open source and open access are also now recognized at EU level as important vehicles to validate, disseminate and maintain knowledge developments.

An important aspect in creating easier access to models is the availability of the models and enough and affordable hardware to run the models on. In 2020 we will explore these aspects further, in combination with earlier mentioned open source and open access developments.

Composition of the Industrial Board

Dr. B Borkent (NWO) – 030 – 600 1310
Ir. P Bouma (Philips Research) – 06 11312918
Ir. G Hommersom (Dow Benelux) – 0115 67 4102 J Janssen (Unilever) – 010 460 6324
Ir. J de Jong (DSM) – 06 5520 4591
Dr. J Kok (NLR) – 020 511 3020
Ir. JJ Meerman (Teijin Aramid) – 088 268 9367 TWJ Peeters (Tatasteel) – 0251 495018
Ir. J Pennekamp (Deltares) – 088 335 8273 HJ Prins (Marin) – 0317 493 405
Ir. M Riepen (ASML) – 040 268 3000
Ir. M Roest (VORTECH) – 015 285 0127
Ir. P Veenstra (Shell) – 020 630 3384
Ir. R Veraar (TNO Defence and Safety) – 015 284 3395 FC Visser (Flowserve) – 076 502 8311 B Vreman (Nouryon & TU/e) – 026 366 9440 HMA Wijshoff (Canon & TU/e) (Chairman) – 077 359 3425

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