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Biological fluid mechanics

More and more research is conducted at the interface between biology and fluid mechanics. This happens within many disciplines, ranging from physiology (for example, the interaction between blood flow and vessel walls) to aerodynamics (for example, the biofluidmechanics of flying and swimming animals). All these topics deal with the interaction between fluids and a complex deforming geometry. Therefore, they require similar experimental, numerical and analytical approaches.

One of the main challenges in this highly interdisciplinary research field is to bridge the gap between physics (fluid mechanics) and medical/biological sciences. To stimulate this, we aim to bring together researchers that work on Bio-Fluid Mechanics, by organizing seminars, workshops and courses on this topic. Although the contact group is affiliated with the JM Burgerscentrum, the participation from researchers from outside the JM Burgerscentrum is highly encouraged.

Contact: Prof.dr. S Kenjeres, Dipl.-Ing. (TUD), F Muijres (WUR), B Borsje (UT)


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