Research School for Fluid Mechanics | TUD TUE UT RUG WUR UU


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has established itself as an indispensable scientific discipline at the intersection of physics, engineering, mathematics and computer science. Society relies more and more on numerical simulations, while at the same time the field becomes more and more specialized. In a series of JMBC courses the state of the art in computational fluid dynamics is presented from an introductory level to state-of-the-art methods. The aim of the contact group CFD is to bring together developers, scientific staff, PhD students and users to share new developments and experiences. To that end the CFD contact group organizes an annual meeting, which provides a platform for discussing the latest development. This event also aims to promote the interaction between CFD users from academia, industry and research institutes. Young researchers are encouraged to present their latest work during this one-day event.

Contact : MI Gerritsma (TUD), RWCP Verstappen (RUG)


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