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The contact group Combustion is an informal network between the groups active in combustion research in Delft, Eindhoven, and Twente, bringing together the researchers in the Netherlands in an international context. The combustion topic is interpreted in a broad sense and covers solid, liquid and gaseous fuels, with a focus on renewable fuels.

About once every three years the contact group Combustion organizes the JMBC course on Combustion, bringing PhD students and other academic and industrial researchers to the forefront of experimental, theoretical and numerical research on fundamental and applied combustion. Since many years the JMBC groups also play an important role in the organization of the annual COMBURA symposium. This symposium is the major annual event in the Netherlands for exchange of information on combustion research and its applications. Its goal is to enhance the mutual collaboration between the different academic and industrial researchers, and to interest more industrial parties for the fundamental research on combustion.

Contact : RJM Bastiaans (TUE), JBW Kok (UT), JA van Oijen (TUE), prof.dr. DJEM Roekaerts (TUD)


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