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The contact group “Microfluidics” was established in 2005. The purpose of the contact group is to bring together students and postdocs interested in fluid dynamic aspects of microfluidics and give them a forum for presenting their results and exchanging ideas. Also, the contact group serves as a platform to exchange information about relevant conferences, workshops, courses, and research grant opportunities. Topics of interest include wetting and capillarity-driven flows, two-phase flow, micro-mixing, drop generation and control, emulsification, contact line dynamics, flow visualization, and measurement techniques. Attention is also given to also related applications such as microfluidic devices for medical diagnostics, water quality monitoring, and advanced cell culture systems.

Members of the contact group organize the JMBC courses “Capillarity-driven flows in microfluidics” and “Micro- and Nanofluidics”. In the latter course, the participant will learn about micro- and nanofluidic principles, technology, and applications, but also get extensive hands-on experience with designing, making, and testing microfluidic devices.

Contact : Prof.dr. F Mugele (UT), JMJ den Toonder (TUE)


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