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Multiphase flow

The objective of the contact group Multiphase Flow is to stimulate interaction and collaboration between researchers, developers, and users in the area of multiphase flow from universities, institutes and industries. This is done through organizing regular meetings (once or twice per year) aimed at getting to know each other’s activities and to learn about developments and applications of multiphase flow technology. This will provide a good forum to identify the needs of the users and to bring to the attention new possibilities for applying multiphase flow research results. Industry, a research institute or a university in turn act as host of the meetings. The program consists of a series of lectures on a specific theme and a visit of some of the local multiphase flow facilities. Examples of themes covered are: dynamic multiphase flows, multiphase flows with surface-active agents, and innovation with multiphase flow.

Contact : Dr. Y Tang (TUE), SG Huisman (UT), C Poelma (TUD)


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