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Turbulent flows are omnipresent in industrial applications and the environment. Owing to the non-linear character of the governing Navier-Stokes equations, the structure and dynamics of turbulence is complex. It is for these reasons that turbulence has been studied for already more than a century, in particular after the pioneering work of Osborne Reynolds on transition and turbulence in pipe flow. While early research focused on understanding of turbulence in single-phase flow, research on turbulence nowadays addresses a much broader class of turbulent flows such as e.g. turbulent multiphase flows, turbulent reacting flows, turbulence in supercritical fluids, etc.

The contact group “Turbulence” organizes annual meetings between researchers of the JM Burgerscentrum active in the field of turbulence with the aim to strengthen contact between them and to exchange results and experience. PhD students and other researchers are given the opportunity to present their results in an informal setting that promotes discussion. The meetings take about a day with a program consisting of typically 7-8 talks from different researchers/ groups, usually followed by a tour through the laboratory of the hosting institute and a “drinks session” at the end of the day. The program of a meeting typically covers both fundamental and applied research topics as well as the development of experimental techniques and numerical simulation methods for turbulent flows.

Contact : Dr. R Pecnik (TUD) and WP Breugem (TUD), RJAM Stevens (UT), Dr. M Duran Matute (TUE)


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