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PhD contact groups

PhD students participating in the JM Burgerscentrum have formed their own PhD contact groups on a local level, i.e. with bases in Delft, Eindhoven, and Twente. Also the JMBC groups in Groningen, Wageningen and Utrecht should have their representatives. The contact groups provide a meeting platform for PhD students (and postdocs), which contributes to the building of a network, to exchange experiences, possibly to collaborate, and to meet in a pleasant social atmosphere. The PhD contacts groups may also give advice to the scientific director and the management team regarding the educational aspects of the research school, such as the course programme.

PhD contact group TUD

Chemical Engineering
Manas Mandalahalli (chair) – Transport Phenomena

Mechanical Engineering
Gem Rotte – Maritime & Transport Technology
Mike van Meerkerk – Multiphase Systems                      
Saad Jahangir – Fluid Mechanics

Civil Engineering
Jacob Maljaars – Fluid Mechanics

Aeronautical Engineering
Jan Schneiders – Aerodynamics

Gabriela Diaz – Numerical Analysis


PhD contact group TUE

Applied Physics
Abheeti Goyal – Turbulence & Vortex Dynamics
Samaneh Tadayon Mousavi – Plasma Physics

Mechanical Engineering
Erwin Gelissen (chair) – Multiphase & Reactive Flows
Thomas Arends – Energy Technology

Chemical Engineering
Adnan Rajkotwala – Multiscale Modelling Multiphase Flows

René Beltman – CASA

Building Physics
Thijs van Druenen – Built Environment


PhD contact group UT

Engineering Technology
Michael Timmer – Thermal Engineering

Civil Engineering
Anouk Bomers – Environmental Fluid Mechanics

Chemical Engineering
Pim Bullee – Soft Matter, Fluidics & Interfaces

José Escobar (chair) – Physics of Fluids

Gijs Kooij – Multiscale Modelling & Simulation


PhD contact RUG

Maurits Silvis – Computational Mechanics & Numerical Mathematics


PhD contact WUR

Cees Voesenek – Experimental Zoology


PhD contact UU

Felix Beckebanze – Physical Oceanography

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