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Registration new UD/UHD

  • This form is only for the registration of new UD/UHD at one of the adhering universities in the JM Burgerscentrum.

    The completed form should be submitted by the supervising professor (or the groups’ secretary) who wishes to register the new JMBC member. If the registration of the new member is accepted by the JMBC, he/she will be automatically registered and will receive in the future all JMBC information.

    After registration of the new UD/UHD, an automatic confirmation will pop up at your screen.

    NB1 : This registration form may – on behalf of the supervising professor – also be submitted by the groups’ secretary.

    NB2 : It is desirable to officially inform the JM Burgerscentrum when the project is terminated. This should be done by using the ‘de-registration’ form.

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